We offer great customer service as well as technical support from our own engineering staff. When you order from MSBSL, we send you detailed drawings of your building,


All of our parts are manufactured to the highest tolerances according to the “Steel Building Manufacturers Association” (SBMA). From the welds on our I-Beams to our long lasting paint Finishes,


At HSIE we don’t just sell the buildings, we also design, engineer, and detail our own buildings. You can be sure that your order is in good hands every step of the way: from your initial quote to the day of delivery.


HAZI SHAHED INDUSTRIAL ENG (HSIE) was formed in 2000 and came into pre-engineered steel building business in 2003, by a group of top professionals in the sector of steel building industry.

Hazi Shahed Industrial Eng steel building workHSIE is one of the premier suppliers of pre-engineered steel building and accessories in Bangladesh. With careful attention to detail, our building not only look good but they are erected problem free. There’s virtually no field work required simply because our building are so well designed and detailed. We deliver a quality product at a competitive price, while offering professional, individualized service to each and every client.

“When purchasing any steel building product, it’s good to know that the manufacturer stands behind it!

We are proud of our products and want you to know that we stand behind them. You are assured of the highest quality every time, backed by our team of qualified and experienced personnel at HSIE. Know More