Personalize Service: There is no welting. Our technicians will respond to your enquiry, discuss your needs and have your building priced to your specifications within 24 hours. Your experienced   service representative will guide you through the entire project from purchase to compilation. Do it yourself and save! Simple, easy erection procedures and our technical assistance will have your building up in no time.

Precision Manufacturing and Design: State-of-the-art computerized drafting and design meet or exceed all industry standards. You will receive a complete building package that assembles with ease. Engineered permit plans, erection drawings and an easy to understand building manual are provided with every building.

Efficient Scheduling and Delivery: Service representatives will monitor your progress to properly coordinate the arrival of your building. Community freight and share loading greatly reduce delivery cost

Quality Control and Communication: HSIE pledges to provide the best quality material and workmanship available in the industry. Our speed track communication system will always have a technician available to assist you.